Posters – 10 Benefits To Using Them for Advertising

Not sure if your company would benefit from advertising with posters? Check out the following 10 benefits to determine if they would speed your business toward success Benefits of Using.

Benefit # 1 – Budget-friendly. They’re a whole lot cheaper than taking out an ad in a newspaper or television.

Benefit #2 – Flexibility. They are flexible advertising tools that easily promote any business. They can be printed to any size,Guest Posting shape or paper weight.

Benefit #3 – Variety. They offer a variety of uses such as, event publicizing, service promotion or to sell a product. Many different fonts and colors can be used and images to enhance your company’s brand.

Benefit #4 – Readability. They are quick and easy to read making them an excellent choice for the window shopper or passerby. Only a few words or phrases are generally used. They need to “capture” the reader’s attention and motivate them to take action. Unlike newspaper ads or brochures and flyers which are sent through mail by companies who hope their prospective customers will read them in full.

Benefit #5 – Visibility. If placed in an area with lots of foot traffic, such as in a store in a mall, your poster can be seen hundreds or thousands of times. Plus, the same person may see it many times over. Keep your poster at adult eye level for best visibility.

Benefit #6 – Credibility. They’ve been around an awfully long time and people trust them. They are used to seeing them. For this very reason alone – they are trusted – is probably due to the fact they are most likely seen in public places of business.

Benefit #7 – Effectiveness. They contribute a second opinion to ads a prospective customer may have already seen on Google, on television or heard on the radio. A customer will be more likely to take a second look at a product if the advertising is done in this duplication manner.

Benefit #8 – Controllable. It’s all about location, location, location. With posters, you can target businesses where like-minded customers hang out. People who would be looking for just the thing you are advertising. Suppose your daughter’s Girl Scout troop is selling their fabulous cookies. Hang a poster next door to the local bakery in the mall. Then, sit back and watch hungry people eye up your advertisement and buy your cookies.

Benefit #9 – Long shelf life. They generally hold up well and can be printed on high gloss paper for added durability.

Benefit #10 – Customized designs. Most can be printed with all of your brand logo, colors and font styles so your business is represented in a professional manner. In plain language, posters are wonderful!

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