Get Tough With Dahle Novus Heavy-Duty Staplers

Tough stapling jobs call for tough equipment and some of the toughest equipment around is manufactured by Dahle as part of their Novus line of staplers. These are the devices to use when you need to staple a lot of pages together repeatedly blanton’s full set.

There’s even a long-arm model to help you create booklets and other items requiring center-stitch fastening. Here’s an in-depth look at the some of the great features that set Dahle Novus heavy-duty staplers apart from the competition.

Unprecedented stapling capacity. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty stapler,Guest Posting it’s probably because you need to fasten a lot of sheets together. The products in this lineup have some truly phenomenal stapling capacities as well as a variety of throat depths. Check it out:

B40 – 100sht Capacity – 2.75″ Throat

B45 – 140sht Capacity – 3.25″ Throat

B52 – 20-170sht Capacity – 4.25″ Throat

B56 – 20-210sht Capacity – 3″ Throat

B54 (long-arm) – 20-170sht Capacity – 9.9″ Throat

Can you imagine stapling between 170 or 210 sheets at once with a device that can also fasten a mere 20? Thanks to Dahle Novus, it’s totally possible. And to make these staplers even more appealing, each one has an adjustable depth guide so you can place your staple right where you need it.

No more jammed staples. Each product in this series has an Anti-Blocking System (ABS). What the ABS does is ensure that you will be able to staple all of your documents without having to deal with jammed staples, which can be annoying and time-consuming.

Also, your documents won’t get attached to the device, which will save you the hassle of re-printing and reassembling them. This feature will definitely help you work more quickly, as well as save you a lot of stress.

Bypass stapling. One of the most innovative features of Dahle Novus heavy-duty devices is their ability to perform bypass stapling. This enables you to use the same size of staple no matter if you’re working with only a couple of sheets or dozens at a time.

The B54: long-arm fastening at its toughest. A long-arm stapler is a necessary item for many copy shops and binderies. They can even come in handy in professional offices because they make it easy to bind many pages together to create a book or multi-page brochure.

The B54 is a heavy-duty, long-arm fastening device that can lend a hand when your project is a bit more involved. It can staple up to 170 sheets at once and place the fastener almost 10 inches away from the edge of the paper.

Years of protection. A warranty is an important consideration when buying any office product and a heavy-duty stapler is no exception. All of the products in this Dahle Novus lineup have a 5-year warranty so your purchase will be covered for a long time.

Dahle Novus makes some of the best document fastening devices in the world and their heavy-duty products can really make a difficult job a lot easier. Whether you want to staple just a handful of sheets or more than 200, there’s definitely a product in this lineup that can help you accomplish what needs to be done.

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