Reflections of Travel to the United States

I produced a week ago on have now and get deaf later terms of natural credit and only to help keep me live-in partner pleased, I’ve ordered the newest duel function time-saver washing machine with central ironing circuitry and multiple home-entertainment services with Internet connection for the children while she’s cleaning and rotate drying them together at exactly the same time 에볼루션카지노 도메인.

This series of start camp articulated & shown numerous issue posts, lead to the understanding of what’s improper with your existing individual produced facts & existed ideologies. Many that, are unknowingly creating social disorder, inequality, disunity & despair in Nations.

These posts describe the not understood cause & give you a answer to turn that sorry state of individual affairs around. To then also acquire the religious knowledge & means to resolve that civilization’s perpetuating social hiccups & disorder that problem every era and every Nation.

Clarification: Demonstrably that new data involves individual study before spreading judgement, as there are always a large amount of phrases to eat up ahead of the reader starts to create sense of their reality.

Because these details, is nothing like our present non-stop press, science and education indoctrinated imperfect information. Those offering their product data, are not seeing one other area of the physical blackboard of life they are writing on. It’s data too…non-erasable religious data, unlike our existing information.

Starting salvo: About respecting life and that planet and not self-gratification…self-aggrandizement…self-importance…self-indulgence…self-obsession and home anything else to gas our self-esteem, our vanity, our fragile produced I (self) and the product planning no-where consumer direction of Society called progress.

Observe the opportunistic out-of-control professional press & advertising fraternity, with a diploma in the misuse of psychology fuelling out-of-control consumerism & psychological disorder in society.

Because till we move ahead from these professional exploited primordial structured individual frailties as adults, we are incapable of evolve more in the yet to be understood religious Real Program that underwrites physical life and their evolution. It is time to create some believed and humility to these exploited primordial/instinctual self-gratification, conquering, greed, winning, individual worshiped, vanity pushed activities to acquire self-esteem and so-called achievement & happiness.

Reason: Based on the legislation of averages, we are overdue to create some religious knowledge and a top quality of consciousness to these teenage targeted all-consuming self-serving Professional Tv & Shiny Newspaper vanity distributed activities.

We’re way overdue to create some pride and respect for life to these applauded & big buck rewarded started using it improper Media/Entertainment/TV soaked immature adult activities, or we will end up at the funny farm & worse as a species. Comprehend we can not keep often increasing, consuming, conquering, trashing, worshiping ourselves and exploiting every thing to gas our self-esteem and immature concept of progress with this living planet, without self-destructing in the delusional process. It is a child’s looking task (consumerism) removed unmanageable in the grown adult.

Clarification of the starting salvo: From the pencil of a fictitious Wal-Mart fanatic on the customer must-have flash: “Oh yeah! what can you suggest the unmanageable kid within me. I’m grown up…got kids and a mortgage and whopping big charge card blow out.

I’ve got the newest speaking icebox, the newest 90 metre flat screen T.V. that produces hamburgers and caffe latte in-between professional breaks. I’ve got the newest style Barbie & Ken I-love-me outfits off the vanity catwalk at Fopsville, the newest head subject transporter cell-phone with sanity recall on maintain, the newest you beaut super duper digital gadget messy straight takeoff automobile, the newest DVD zonc participant with multiple free recommendations in 25 languages, not forgetting my new three hundred horsepower chip-blown remote control experience on lawn mower with digital lunch-pack, earpod and extra’s.

Oh yeah! and I’ve accumulated enough in me international Wall Block reveal account to fly to the moon and examine their craters next year…then the next year, with all the repeated flyer points from me moon journey and charge card binge, I have enough to take a big buck trip to Mars in my own Wal-Mart do-it-your-self’ & build in the home intergalactic ‘Tardis’ and acquire all the scrap from these dud probes and other remote-control trash from N.A.S.T.A.

Oh yeah! almost forgot to say me just fitted big buck multiple glazing in the home to help keep all the screaming noise pollution from my complaining neighbours when I’m playing my ten thousand w 98 decibel hi-fi and twanging and getting up and down on me 102 decibel guitar and electro fortissimo rainforest drums that.

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