Moving One Way – Moving Pods or Moving Truck Rental?

With one way moving truck. Should you make use of the moving pods or should you consider movers near me truck rentals? There are many things that you need to know and consider before you can decide which one is for you. Some might prefer the moving pods,Guest Posting while others might prefer the moving truck rentals.

Before you are going to make your final decision, you need to make sure that you know what to consider and how to choose the right one for you. This is everything you need to know about moving pods and moving truck rentals.

Moving pods. Advantages and disadvantages

Not many know what moving pods are. These are containers where you can store your belongings in. You are renting the container and you then pack and store your belongings as you find the time. Then, you can phone the container company and get it moved to your new location. There are many advantages and disadvantages of making use of the moving pods when you are going to relocate.


  • This is more convenient. You don’t need to worry about boxes that are standing everywhere inside your home. Letting your home look unorganized. As you are done with a box and a room, you can put it in the pod so long. Making sure that you are packing and storing as you go along.
  • The moving pod is a cheaper option that is making it better for those that are on a tight budget when they are moving. It is easy to move, and you can find a deal where the moving of the pod is included in the renting fees.


  • One of the disadvantages of making use of the moving pod is the fact that you will need to pack and move everything yourself. You will not get any assistance from workers to pack and to move the furniture into the pod.
  • There isn’t a lot of these services available yet, because this is a relatively new service.  The smaller towns will not be able to offer this service to you.

Moving truck rentals. Advantages and disadvantages

Moving truck rentals is where you are renting a truck that is designed for moving your belongings one way. The moving truck is an enclosed truck that will keep your belongings safe. This is the most common way that people are moving from one destination to the next.


  • You are going to get all the help you need to pack and to upload the truck on moving day. Making the move faster and easier.
  • You will know for sure that there isn’t going to be any additional fees that you are going to pay. Good services won’t have any additional fees that you need to pay.


  • Hiring this service is a bit more expensive than making use of the moving pod. However, you are getting more value for money.
  • You are only getting the truck for one day, where you need to load and to offload your belongings. If you are taking longer, you are going to pay additional fees. So, you can’t take your time with the packing and the unpacking.

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